Transforming Waste Around the World

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in transforming waste around the world, CER diverts waste from landfill, industry, rivers and the ocean. 
We use 100% of this waste to produce Green Hydrogen, reliable clean baseload electricity, and create value-added import-replacement products. 

  • South America’s largest recycler of PET bottles

  • 10,000 kg PET per/hour

  • Operated 24 hours a day

  • 2.4million kg per day

  • Recycled into high visibility protection clothing

  • Developed technology to fully recycle co-extruded plastic waste

  • AUD$500 million distribution contract with Care Flex Australia Pty Ltd

  • AUD$1Billion supply agreement with Sealed Air USA Inc, diverting 750,000 tons of plastic waste from landfill

  • 20th largest carpet manufacturer in the world

  • 1,000 rolls underlay p/day

  • 1,500 tonnes foam diverted from landfill per month

  • 18,000 tonnes foam diverted from landfill per annum

  • AUD$500 million contract to supply carpet underlay for Bridgestone Flooring Australia Pty Ltd

  • Diverted 2,000 tons of scrap foam per month from landfill

  • Created 100 full-time jobs

  • China-based sorting & cleaning facility

  • Produced 10,000 tonnes of clean scrap foam per month

  • 12,000 tonnes scrap foam diverted from landfill per annum


Only plastic bag manufacturing facility in Australia using 100% recycled plastic scrap to convert into packaging.