One World, One Solution

Zero Emissions, Zero Waste and Zero Landfill

CER is an environmental waste solution company aiming to process Waste to Green Hydrogen and renewable resources with zero emissions.

With over 50 years of experience transforming Waste worldwide, CER has developed the technology to divert waste resources from landfill to produce clean baseload electricity and create valuable, import replacement products.

Our goal is to establish multiple circular economies that utilise the vast streams of waste products generated in Australia, the South East Asia region and around the world to develop a green feedstock of Hydrogen. 

In essence, CER harnesses a range of existing and proven technologies to provide a clean upstream fuel from a range of organic, municipal, and industrial waste streams without separation. Diverting Waste from Landfill, rivers, and the ocean allows local industry to utilise these resources in a renewable and sustainable manner. Thus, we put a VALUE ON WASTE and successfully address the complex worldwide problem of WASTE POLLUTION.

CER's technology and circular economy model treats Waste as a valuable resource for the first time worldwide.

Waste to Green Hydrogen and Renewable Resources with Zero emissions and Zero waste to landfill

Our team of experts have developed an Advanced Waste to Green Hydrogen and Green Renewable Resources system. We use the carbon content from all forms of waste to create Green Hydrogen, Clean Green Baseload Electricity and other beneficial products such as Natural Gas, BioChar, Activated Carbon and potable water, all with zero emissions.

We divert waste from landfill, industry, rivers and the ocean. We then use 100% of this waste to produce Green Hydrogen, reliable clean baseload electricity, plus value-added and import-replacement products.

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