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Deakin & CER Partnership

30 Apr 2022

The First Stage in CER’s Circular Economy Vision for Green Hydrogen!

The First Stage in CER’s Circular Economy Vision for Green Hydrogen! Dateline: GEELONG, VICTORIA, March 1, 2022 — Clean Energy Resources (CER) are proud to partner with Deakin University and Sava Engineering on a game-changing technology that provides an environmentally friendly solution to the ongoing problem of End-of-Life tyres, emission-free clean baseload electricity and green hydrogen production. With the government banning the export of used tyres, the situation will only escalate, creating environmental and other challenges for Australia like plastic waste. A ground-breaking solution developed by CER is critical in effectively addressing these. Clean Energy Resources CEO - Garry Price added, "The End-of-Life Tyres Plant will be the first stage in CER's Circular Economy vision, which will tackle the global problem of clean electricity production, waste and recycling. It is the culmination of over 30 years of work and research in recycling worldwide. Over the last10 years, we have focused on a zero-emissions solution addressing the problems the world faces with all forms of waste." "We believe that CER technology has the potential to be another example of unique Australian technology and innovation that will have a significant impact on Australia's transition to a low emission economy and establishment of critical sovereign capability with leading technology. CER's technology, when fully deployed, has the opportunity for making a positive impact on the world stage as we move towards decarbonising our economy," said Ross Mahon, Executive Director, Deakin Research Innovations. "The group has been in positive discussions with all levels of government over the past 12 months. We believe that collaboration between the partners located in the Greater Geelong Region of Victoria can position the region as a global leader in waste to clean energy and green hydrogen production space," said Chairperson Steve Horvat. "I am proud to be part of this incredible team, holistically focused on the solutions required around waste, green energy, green hydrogen and zero emissions."

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