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End of Life Tyres to Green Hydrogen Project

CER is an environmental waste solution company with a mission to process End-of-Life Tyres to Green Hydrogen and renewable resources with zero emissions and zero landfill.

The CER Advanced Waste and Resource Recovery Technology (AWRRT) is a revolutionary new waste treatment facility based on existing and validated technology.


It is a one-stop ELT processing system for all passenger and commercial tyres. Nothing goes to landfill and 100% is reused. CER's ELT Solution recycles 100% of all tyres collected.  We take all end-of-life tyres, for a fixed rate. ELTs are transported to our Facility and used to create 100% Green Hydrogen and clean, green baseload electricity.

What this means: 

1.  100% of ALL end-of-life tyres are recycled
2.  100% Sustainable disposal of ELTs - Zero Landfill
3.  Fixed disposal costs
4.  Supply of Green Hydrogen and Clean, Green Renewable Base Load Electricity, reducing consumption of non-green

base-load power.

The Process

Our design produces zero waste and zero pollution because we capture all off-gasses and reuse or recycle all parts of the tyre. Nothing goes to Landfill.

Our unique patented process produces 100% Recycled Carbon Black from End-of-Life tyres which can be reused in the production of New Tyres.


We refine and reuse the off-gasses produced to generate 100% Green Hydrogen and clean green baseload electricity.


Key Data

•  100T tyre processing per day

• Green hydrogen production    (8,250 m3 per hour)

•. 1.48T of liquified hydrogen per day

•. 20T carbon black per day


•. 75 construction and 25 ongoing jobs

•. Carbon credit production at each stage of the process current value of AU$35 per ton

•. 1OT of scrap steel per day

•. climate-neutral process

•. Adaptable to other waste streams

A Revolutionary Model for Clean, Green Hydrogen

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